Stylish Hoodie Logo Design

    Stylish Hoodie Logo Design


    What is Hoodie? I think the hoodie is a stylish winter sweater. It can be worn by young, old, young and old. Hoodies are in high demand everywhere in the twenties. Along with girls there are also fashionable hoodies for boys. And the most important thing is that the hoodie dress tie can be worn by all girls and boys and anyone can wear it as fashionably as they want. Its demand is increasing day by day and these hoodies are playing a very important profitable role in the business.Below is a creative analysis of what items go into making and the thought that goes into creating its design, colors and how popular the product is with public demand.

    What is logo design? For logo designs, logo placement on a hoodie is usually about 3 inches - 4 inches wide on the left side of the chest and sits about 3 inches below the collar. This print position works best for simple logos. And the steps followed to put the logo on the garment with the right taste is logo design.

  1. Hoodie Drawing Combo 1 :
  2. Hoodie Drawing

    I'll show you a picture of a hoodie design I made in the first step, and analyze it. I created the image of this hoodie and in making it I created the design using the pencil toolbar first. Then I drew the size of the body of the hoodie and then I drew the shape of the head. I then measured and drew the two sleeves and placed the waist pattern to create a fashionable hoodie structure. Then I added my own website logo along the center of the hoodie using graphics apps.You will notice that a small graphics logo on the left sleeve of the hoodie and a logo like my own design on the bottom have completed the design of the hoodie and completed the shape of a proper hoodie.

  3. Drawing Unique Hoodie Combo 2 :
  4. Drawing Unique Hoodie

    Now come later with step.This picture is drawn step by step like the previous picture using the pencil toolbar.I have added two ribbons to the cap part of the hoodie to make the hoodie look attractive. And put some designs that I like. And placed a writing design on the left side of the hoodie that says It's My Design. You choice it? At the top of this text, I added a simple circle logo and wrote authentic graphics hoodie style. The writings are my own. Notice that on the right side of the hoodie, I put a small rectangle with a long black outline and placed the word C in the lower part of it with a small circle. If I want, I can paint the circle with black color and make it into a different design. But I like it standard so added this design and made combo 2 fashionable hoodie. Take a closer look, I have added two pockets on the lower left side of the hoodie. This makes the hoodie look a little more beautiful, fluent.

  5. Oversize Hoodie:
  6. Over Size Hoodie

    Now we will analyze one color black over size hoodie. This is a picture of real hoodie made in black color. Generally your color combination plays an important role in graphic design. Because, color combination is a major thing. The beauty, attractiveness, demand, taste of your graphic design is revealed based on the color. Otherwise your graphics design will never be complete!.

    First you have to make your color selection with the help of your subtle brain. And it's not necessary to base your color selection on the basis of taste and public demand. In this one color black hoodie, I just selected the color and added some tasteful logo and words design. And the design has been given light yellow color. Because, I think yellow is an attractive and popular color among black colors. The black and yellow color combination of the hoodie design looks very gorgeous and public taste. The current young generation likes these colors very much.

    I think this hoodie in a tasteful combination of black and yellow colors is a stylish and tailored to the needs of the customers.The brightness of the hoodie is very fluent and managed to pop out clearly. Finally, it can be said that this oversized hoodie can be worn by anyone with a slim figure or a fat figure.It can be assumed that most of the rappers, musicians and artists feel more comfortable wearing these oversized hoodies.

  7. Two Color Hoodie:
  8. Two Color Hoodie

    A quality and fashionable garment is made according to its color verification and beautiful design.This hoodie is also made in the same way.It is a two color hoodie.The body of the hoodie is blocked and the head, ribbon,sleeves of the hoodie are gray in color.Gray color also goes well with black color.In this hoodie I added three electric bulb logos and placed some grass logos below them to create a simple design. And moreover, I have placed two square logos on the upper left and right side of the bulbs which helps the hoodie to be more gorgeous.

    In the last part we were able to make the hoodie more attractive and fashionable by adding a total of four square type black logos, two each on the two sleeves of the hoodies so that the young generation likes it.Not only young people, middle-aged and elderly people can also wear this hoodie.Just as there is no end to learning, there is no age to fashion.In this way, we can assume that a two color hoodie is capable of creating color combinations based on its quality and value.

  9. Multi Color Hoodie:
  10. Multi Color Hoodie

    By multi color we basically mean the combination of different colors.A design created in mixed combination of many colors is called Multi Color. I am also commenting on the design of a multi-color hoodie.This hoodie above is a multi color hoodie.Because, it has many color combinations.I have added some colors and designs to this hoodie to make it more attractive.Such as "Graphics Idea, Unique Design" on the top of the hoodie! I have written this text and made the font size and placed the colors on it assuming that the matching of this white and blue color with the green color is standard. Placed a bear face logo on the left side of the hoodie with a white background.

    I placed two more logos on the logo with white color. I think that the hoodie is more gorgeous and specially designed according to the taste of the young generation. Already four types of colors have been placed on the hoodie and with that I have selected some more colors according to some color combinations and put the logo to make the Multi Kalat design hoodie more attractive and the hoodie looks very gorgeous and bright.I think the hoodie will suit everyone and help to bring out the beauty as it is a light full multi color fashionable hoodie.

  11. Wooly Arn Hoodie:
  12. Wooly Arn Hoodie

    what is wool arn hoodie? Wool yarn hoodie is very comfortable and fashionable and in public demand.This thread is not available everywhere.These yarns are mostly imported from different countries and are also exported in different designs and are very profitable.The image above is a wool yarn hoodie. There is not much design in this hoodie.Because these cotton clothes are already fashionable. And these yarn clothes are used during winter. Because, it is a warm garment. Therefore, the demand for these cotton clothes is high in the countries where the incidence of winter is high and the countries that are snowy.

    In this real hoodie I was able to make the one color hoodie more fashionable by adding some logo designs. I designed the back side of the hoodie with a little unique thought and I placed an eagle bird logo on the hoodie and designed it with the name of my website A small circular logo is placed on the right side below the graphics with the name SIM. At the very bottom of the hoodie, I put another circular logo and wrote "Life is Beautiful, Graphics" based on the font design. This makes this wool yarn hoodie more attractive and tasteful.

    This hoodie can be worn by young, old and old. So this yarn hoodie will always be in demand. All in all these are my graphic ideas on basic hoodie designs.Because I think you will be able to design graphics well based on ideas of design, size, color, shape, line, creativity, color combination. So it can be said, graphics design is not just design! It is an industry and it will greatly help in building a career. Graphics design is in high demand worldwide.There will be many more step by step drawing guides coming soon, so please be sure to check my site often. It can be a lot of learning knowledge for you.

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      Frequently Asked Questions:
          What is Hoodie?                    

      The hoodie is a stylish winter sweater. It can be worn by young, old, young and old.

      What size are hoodie logos usually?

      The placement size is usually 12″ × 16″ which is best for large hoodie design ideas.

          In which decade the demand for hoodies is high everywhere?    

      In the twenties, hoodies were in high demand everywhere.

          What does multi color hoodie mean?    

      By multi color hoodie we basically mean the combination of different colors. Basically, a design made of a mixed combination of many colors is called multi Color.

          What is the demand for wool Arn hoodie?    

      Wool yarn hoodies are very comfortable and fashionable and are in demand among the masses This yarn is not available everywhere These yarns are mostly imported from different countries and exported in different designs and are very profitable.



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