Basic Circle Logo Design Idea

    Basic Circle Logo Design Idea


    By circle logo we basically mean the absence of points or edges which makes circle logo design a popular choice. Circles, for example, are soft and rounded thus naturally stand out from other shapes. These circles are associated with continuity, safety and security. So it can be said that for this reason, the circle is universally symbolic of fullness, completeness and cyclical movement. They are uniquely representative of friendship, community, inclusion and strength.

    Generally logo designs can take many forms and shapes. But that one all-round winner, the circle logo design, signifies stability, unity and completeness of the circle. Circles are symbols that we associate with nature and planets, including the shape of the earth and the sun.

    Circle Logo Header

    These circles can be used primarily as monograms or symbols in a logo, or as shape holders that hold the entire logo. To help you explore circle logo designs and decide whether you should choose one of your logos, I'll briefly detail some famous circle logos to get you started and as inspiration.

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    Headspace is basically a popular meditation and mindfulness app with a simple and functional logo. Specifically there is an incomplete orange circle.

    Headspace Logo

    Essentially it works like these circles have long been associated with balance and harmony, which aligns with Headspace's mission to help users find inner clarity and peace. And the incompleteness of the circle becomes more accessible. Because, a perfect circle does not seem to be a combination of human or biological calculations. The color orange is often associated with creativity, happiness and enthusiasm. All of these quality structures are closely tied to mindfulness. Among them, this Headspace logo is indeed a perfect example of a circle logo design that conveys its brand value and resonates with the right people.


    AT&T's original form is a telecommunications provider with a circular process logo design, which is a blue globe shape with white lines around it. This logo is intended to fill the circle of the national assembly and serves as a symbol of connection.

    AT&T Circle Logo

    Basically it works as a circular shape of the logo. It not only reflects the world but is also able to represent the concept of interconnectedness around it. Additionally, it emphasizes the concept of connecting and unifying the white lines surrounding the Earth. And, overall, the AT&T circle logo is able to effectively represent connectivity in terms of its global reach through a simple circular design.


    The Starbucks logo was originally such a recognizable brand that the wordmark was dropped from the logo in 2011. The now famous 20 years old Siren Mermaid figure is now placed within a green colored circle. For example, products such as coffee cups, bags, badge designs, signage and more feature this famous logo.

    Starbucks Logo

    It basically works because, when first starting a business, it's hard to achieve brand identity without textual elements in your logo. But since this famous Starbucks has been around for many years, the brand may be able to stand on its own through its popularity. Generally having only symbols for legibility, scaling purposes, and functionality increases the power of the logo. or Starbucks doesn't have to worry about having a different logo depending on its platform or across apps. In fact, the brand is not afraid to use off center placement of parts of its packaging.


    Reuters is basically a global news agency medium. This circle logo in particular, a swirling circle of small circles, establishes its simplicity and brings brilliance to the symbolism.

    Reuters Logo

    It mainly works by making the circle logo a focal point, which adds to the sense of Reuters position as a central source of global news. In addition, these circles convey particular notions of inclusion and unity, and reflect the organization's mission to deliver broad news to a global audience. This actually ensures the simplicity of the logo which makes it easily recognizable and memorable.


    Basically BMW is a world famous car name. BMW has one of the most iconic logos in the world and in 2020 this logo design has undergone a major makeover. And here the 3D and gradient elements are omitted in favor of the paired back, minimal logo sides. The results are a more retro-styled logo that shows up better in print. The original blue and white design portrait inside this logo was inspired by the Bavarian flag and is a good example of a monogram in a circular shape.

    BMW Logo

    It basically works to keep famous logos like BMW consistent for 100+ years. Because it follows the basic design principles of clarity, categorization, contrast and scalability. It can clearly tell each logo element from each other. As such, the monogram is a bold, sans-serif typeface and is the most dominant element of the logo. As a company name should be.And while scaling it down, its text remains easily readable, and is definitely a very important thing to think about perfectly when creating a logo.

    A Circle Logo Design

    Circle logos come in many variations. some include the company name within the shape. like BMW and starbucks and some fall outside company of it like. Basically there are a number of questions to ask when thinking about designing a circle logo For example, Why want a circle logo design? As seen in the example features above, think about how the shape can strengthen the business and brand. Does your company name usually fit into a circle logo container? If Scalemafic is down it will be according to readability! So what if you want to use a monogram or curve the text to fit the space better? Here are some design tips and examples to help you figure out what type of logo you want and why you want it.

    1. Keep it Brief

    KBR Logo

    What is horizontal text used in a circle logo! Basically here your company name should be 1 to 5 characters maximum. Or, use an initial in a circle and punctuate it next to it! Make sure the typeface fits within the circle's shape and use as much space as possible while padding along its edges to keep your spacing consistent. The overall goal here is to keep your logo legible when scaled down. And it's important to think carefully about how the logo might look on social media, as a favicon or as an image on a business card's profile page. As such, one would want a design that looks perfectly legible across all channels.

    2. Brand Continuity Aims

    Cactus Logo

    Basically if you decide to place a wordmark alongside a circle monogram part of your logo, be able to keep the logo font the same for both the monogram and the wordmark to reinforce your brand recognition. Because in this case, choosing the right typeface has a big impact on your monogram. In the logo portrait example pictured above, we were able to use a bold sans serif typeface. To make it stand out in all shapes, and to give it a more recognizable look, each letter has a unique triangular shape on the part.

    3. Curve Logo Text

    Curved Text Logo

    Here it is essential to use curved text on badges, seals, emblems and crest style logos to create a more vintage look. Often more information can be accommodated while keeping the logo's balance consistent with its original curved text. It's actually just a great way to emphasize the shape of the symbol by bending the text of your logo. In the logo text symbol example above, the team name is basically seen arching over like a bobcat symbol.How well do you observe both symbols and names specifically when printed on shirts? You may now be able to create logos with curved type text in various logo maker apps or software to work with this idea.

    4. Create A Visual Hierarchy

    Curved Logo

    Basically when designing a circle logo it's important to think about what elements are going to be part of the base of the logo. You'll want to use the space wisely to create a visual hierarchy. As an example of the logo above, there are six different elements in particular. For example, a container, monogram, company name, symbol, slogan and year.Since, it has many elements left to work with. Therefore, the text of its slogan and company name is given supportive space with other content. In particular, the monogram is placed right along the center to focus on the ownership company's vision.

    Circle Logo FAQs

    Here are basically various graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC to design a logo in the shape of a circle. or can be achieved instantly through the use of the Luca tool. Some steps are analyzed. 1. Go to Adobe Photoshop or and create a free account to save some of your circle logo ideas. 2.This step will create a free logo. 3. Next go to the container section to create a circle element and select the correct circle shape. 4. In this section especially in the suggestion tab scroll through the advanced option extension and curve your business name text well. It must be remembered that the most attractive quality circle logos are short and simple. They skillfully use circles to express their individuality and values.

    Using a Circle Logo

    Here are some notable quality brands in particular that are capable of using a circle logo. 1. Goals. 2. Headspace. 3. Pinterest. 4. Pepsi. 5. Lufthansa.

    Circle Concept In Logo

    Universally, circles are completeness Represents the concepts of totality and infinity, which are basically continuous lines without any beginning or end. Likewise, in the context of logos, a unity, circle can be able to convey a sense of community and trust. It can also suggest innovation and movement, and especially when combined with other elements.

    Circle Logo Inspiration

    Finally, I have created some circle logos to get you started on creating circle logos to inspire you. If you find some logo themes that you like then you need to participate in Looka Logo Maker, Adobe Photoshop etc. You'll need to start modifying the new circle logo templates you've generated. Basically the growing collection of logos and the endless customization options means spending time.

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      Frequently Asked Questions:
      What is circle logo design?

      Basically the absence of edges or points transforms the circle logo design into a circle logo design.

      What are some of the contents?

      Famous circle logos, Design tips for circle logo, circle logo FAQs, Circle logo Inspiration.

      What are some famous brands using a circle logo?

      Goals, Headspace, Pinterest, Pepsi, Lufthansa etc.

      What is the concept of the circle in the logo?

      Universally, the circle logo concept is all about the wholeness of circles and all the tricks to represent the ideas of wholeness and infinity.

      What does circle logo inspiration mean?

      It is highly desirable to start creating circle logos and participate in Looka Logo Maker, Adobe Photoshop etc. to get inspiration from it. Because the collection of logos is growing and endless.


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