Business Card Design Method

    Business Card Design Method


    Mainly business card design is considered as a memorable and powerful tool of branding. because, Business cards are small bank credit card sized paper cards. Here your business details like your name, your business name, description, contact details and brand logo will be added. Most importantly, business card design is an essential part of branding and acts as a visual extension of your brand design. A business card can make your brand visually attractive and stand out for marketing while providing essential information such as your name, title, company name and logo, phone number, email address and website. Design and information: A business card An important aspect of cards is the balance between design and information.

    Effective business cards follow some basic design principles. The principles of design are – principles of consideration of emphasis, pattern, hierarchy, white space and unity. Most business cards are made on 14 pt cardstock. The US standard size for official business cards is 3.5" x 2.0". Both visiting cards and business cards are the same standard size.

    There are 7 business card design ideas. this The basic principles of design are: emphasis, contrast, and alignment, balance, proportion, movement, white space, and repetition. Below is a sample of how to make a business card according to some basic principles and color combination of a business card, which I believe can take the form of a digital card and look attractive to customers in the marketing space, hopefully, and talking about the detailed discussion of making the card:

    Business Card Sample:

    Business Card Sample

    This photo sample is basically editable with Adobe Acrobat instead of Adobe Photoshop in 7 steps to create a Pdf Business Card Design Template for Designed in Illustrator, Photoshop In Design. PDF file design saved. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro and add the text field. Then the properties of the text field are read. And it is saved as an interpretable template Originally sampled 2" × 3.5" accent size. The bleed area of the card is then appropriately reduced to 2.25" × 3.75".

    if art extends to edge of trim line. it needs to extend past that to the full bleed area. Then the trim line is the official size which is 2" × 3.5". this is the final print size where the artwork will be trimmed. Hence, the safety line is 1.75" × 3.25". keep text elements within this area so they Won't be compromised in the print and trimming process.

    Notice that the background of the card is white and black. This color is considered the official standard color for a proper business card. Adding the company logo on a black background would be nice and adding the company name below it would make it more attractive. And if you add name, position, contact number, gmail id, company website link, address on the white background side, the business card will become perfect and will become attractive to the public. This card sample is the size of a standard quality official business card.

    What is Digital Business Card?

    Now let's talk about digital business cards. A digital business card is usually in the form of a file or a web page so that it can be easily shared via email or other digital communication channels. A business card has two functions namely, A business card generally performs the following basic functions: Helps introduce you and your company to potential customers, suppliers or colleagues and To provide all information by which anyone will be able to contact you.

    UK business card dimensions are: 3.35" x 2.17". If looking for different sizes like thin rectangles or squares, usually invest in business cards with dimensions of 3.5" x 1.25", 2.5" x 2.5", or 3" x 3". The best is 2" × 3.5" which is considered the official size although it is the US size but it is the perfect one used by most. Below is an image of a digital business card and a detailed description of its creation:

    Digital Business Card Design:

    Digital Business Card

    See how to organize a digital business card: This is my digital business card. The 5 ways to preserve the theory in making it are: The first thing to use is a card holder. If you're like most people, you have dozens of business cards in your wallet or desk drawer. Use the Rolodex. Use a card book. It is important to use a customer relationship management system. Using a digital business card organizer app is essential.

    The thinking theory applied to complete the above card has been explained in the previous sample. Yet little more is said about it. To complete the card I first sized it officially to 2" × 3.5". Then added business logo to it which is marked with black color arrow icon. Step by step business name, own name, position, job description, gmail id, phone number, whats app number are all placed which are marked with black color arrow.

    You can understand it if you look carefully. And if you can read and understand my writings carefully, you will be able to create an interesting digital business card like me. The business card is perfect in color combination. The combination of black and white is perfect for business card designs. Basically it is good to make business card/visiting card in combination of these two colors which makes it attractive. Your beautiful, stylish business card depends on your perfect color combination.

    Because your business exposure depends on these digital business cards, there is no substitute for business cards for marketing. It is considered as public demand. So all in all, if you can study the above points properly, you can also use the ability to create such attractive business cards. This will increase your business exposure. As the saying goes, promotion is the expansion! And success will come only if these media are unique.

    Because a thoughtfully designed unique business card can drive business forward. Modern business cards, both digital as well as the traditional paper variety, can expand your reputation in the market and strengthen your individual brand, build connectivity and legitimacy, and ultimately, increase sales. Every designer should remember that one of the main concepts of a digital business card is the balance between design and information.

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